A warm welcome from the 2016-2017 Panorama Team!

This year, the team’s vision is greater than ever. Expanding on the original founders’ hopes of broadcasting the best of IAA into the world, we are proud to say that this year, we hope to expand the Panorama’s influence onto the entirety of the IAA. Quality and consistency are the top values for the Panorama team. We are sticking to the main goal of showcasing the best of IAA’s work, spanning both Primary and Secondary schools. IAA students have shown conspicuous talent in all sects of school life: the arts, theatre, sports and academics. The revamped IAA-Panorama website makes it easier for readers to find exactly what their looking for in terms of our peers’ outstanding work.

Meet the 2016- 2017 IAA-Panorama Team

Faisal Hijjawi (Class of 2018)
Role: General Manager
Panorama has become the prominent social media platform for IAA students. It has evolved from a blog-style website into an entire community- with prominence among IAA society growing every year. I joined IAA’s Panorama team because of my firm belief of social media’s power and influence in recent years. Panorama has become a leading social media platform for portraying students’ work and I wanted to be a part of the team that makes that happen. My main goal this year is to expand the Panorama to all of IAA, making it an inclusive society to all students!

Sama Massadeh (Class of 2018)
Role: Video Manager
My passion for video production has driven me to pursue a position in the IAA Panorama team as video manager. From a young age, I have always found myself being inspired by YouTube videos and hoped to one day create my own. The Panorama team gives me the opportunity to be creative while also providing a voice to the student body. I hope that the videos I create send out inspirational messages to establish and maintain a positive school spirit and to also showcase the students’ achievements!

Nadine Hijazi (Class of 2018)
Role: Photo Manager
I have always had an unexplainable passion for photography, and knowing that I can implement my skills and love for photography to help my school and involve the entirety for the IAA community made me want this position. I hope we can get more people involved in this community to award and show appreciation to the good as more people need to appreciate the hard work put by the students, faculty and parents!

We live in a world wherein ‘new’ media, those socially-oriented websites such as YouTube, Facebook and WordPress, the platform this very blog is using, make it incredibly easier for individuals to showcase their various talents to the world. The massive amount of creative content available on the internet today has, however, made it increasingly difficult for those select individuals whose abilities are truly unique to get the amount of exposure that they deserve. The IAA Panorama is a website whose goal it is to support such individuals, highlight their talents, underline their achievements and applaud their courage.

This website is the world’s window into the IAA – The International Academy of Amman. It hosts the best pieces of work students of the IAA produce and also provides you with access to the many non-academic activities that IAA students partake in, such as theatrical productions, in-school concerts and philanthropic endeavors. We, the editors of this blog, look forward to sharing with the world more of the quality of and talent in our peers’ works.

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